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Youth Support

Hygiene Items

As these children are typically living in transitional circumstances, maintaining proper personal hygiene can be challenging. SHIP periodically makes requests of the community for a wide variety of hygiene items including: soap and body wash, shampoo, tooth brushes and paste, shaving cream, toilet paper, and deodorant.

New Clothing and Shoes

The children SHIP serves are in constant need of clothing and footwear due to growth and seasonal changes. Because many of these children have never experienced the delight of something new and personal, SHIP works to provide new clothing for these children.

Youth Activities and Experiences

SHIP understands the value and benefit of experiences where children can discover a passion, or learn a new skill. Many times, access to these experiences can help positively shape the child for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, the circumstances of these homeless youth thwart access to these experiences. That is why SHIP provides funding for out-of-school extracurricular activities, from music lessons to art camps and sport programs. For older youth, we provide funding and facilitation for a broad range of activities including Prom, drivers training, creative art experiences, even financial literacy training.

If a child desires to participant in something that interests them, we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Emergency Shelter

Working with housing and sheltering organizations locally, SHIP provides emergency shelter for students and their families who initially fall into homelessness when no other options exist. By providing a room over their head, even on a temporary basis, it is our intention to relieve the stress of the situation so that professional case management can work to help the family make improvements in their lives.

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